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The light of God
26 December 2012

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Tourists traveling
17 September 2011

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Factory IX
5 February 2011

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The Monserrate Palace
29 August 2010

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6 July 2010

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Padrão dos Descobrimentos
17 February 2010

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O elétrico de Natal
6 January 2009

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Ternura - Tenderness
14 September 2008

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Rio Mondego IV
26 November 2007

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Plaza Mayor
30 October 2007

Recent Comments

Steve Rice on Love
A beautiful natural firework exploding. A fantastic photo.

MEC on Love
Um amor de lindas cores. Maravilhosa imagem!

Dutchess on Love
Lovely colors, great pov ... gorgeous!!

omid on Love
such beautiful focus, colors & bokeh! L O V E L Y !!!!

Mhelene on Love
Splendid photo !

Devi on Love
wonderful details here :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Claudiel on Love
It is a dream

Willem on Love
A beauty.

Nicou on Love
Comme une étoile d'amour quelle couleur quelle finesse superbe amitié

Nina on Love
so beautiful, great focussing

Libouton Martine on Love
Juste superbe ta photo

Gérard on Love
Very nice suspension !!!!!

Hiro on Love
Thanks for the lovely Love !

Tomix on Love
Love it too !

Existence Artistique on Love

Marjolein on Love
The love is now mutual, a beautiful macro. Lovely soft colors and a fine bokeh!

jpla on Love
Un bokeh extra JP

Ronnie 2¢ on Love
Such sweet isolation.

Ralf Kesper on Love
Fabulous bokeh!

Steve Rice on Se eu fosse uma borboleta...
A lovely focus and depth.

Dutchess on Se eu fosse uma borboleta...
Wonderfully subtle!!

STEED on Hidden
Hidden,but You saw it ...................Superb,Miss !!!!!

STEED on Poppy dance
Discrete,Pure and so Fragil .....Beautifully done,Anà L' ....

STEED on Himantoglossum robertianum
Mmmmmmm ...The name a little bit too complicated for my memory,but ........the picture is of my taste ...

STEED on Cobra-de-água
Impressive,fascinating and Beautiful ......

STEED on Aveleira
Same feeling as yesterday,same conclusion .......The "60D" is an excellent road's friend ....

STEED on Thymelicus sp.
Macro is always Artistic through Your Eyes ....Superb !!!!!! *****

STEED on Do alto da montanha
The Walker a new time on the pathes ......Happy to meet a new time with Mountain ,Anà L' .....

STEED on Potes
....and different pleasure to come back to monochrome and discover here this charming place ......Love it !!!!!

STEED on Noiserv - For the Ones who left me
PleasuRe to discover this Artist,and Hat's off for the pictures ....Excellent,Anà L' ....

STEED on Noiserv
Hard exercise to capture show's light .....And here,You perfectly caught it .....Nice one,Anà L' ....

Benkirane Thami on O vento empurra-te noutra direcção.
Belle harmonie et douceurs des couleurs estompées autour de ce joli papillon! Bonne fin de journée!

Willem on Se eu fosse uma borboleta...
A fine close-up and background.

Marjolein on Se eu fosse uma borboleta...
So tender. I love this!

STEED on Se eu fosse uma borboleta...
..If I was a Butterfly, I'll fly to this Superb Flower and let You take me,tired and thirsty after a so long trip ...

Mvdfotokraam on Se eu fosse uma borboleta...
Beautiful flower and butterfly together

Hiro on Se eu fosse uma borboleta...
very beautiful

Mani on Se eu fosse uma borboleta...
Gostava de ser borboleta, talvez ficasse tão bonita como esta.

Existence Artistique on Se eu fosse uma borboleta...
bien ce fond pastel

jpla on Se eu fosse uma borboleta...
Bravo à toi ! JP

Nicou on Se eu fosse uma borboleta...
Superbe macro et vue au sommet de la fleur en équilibriste superbe amitié

Ralf Kesper on Se eu fosse uma borboleta...

Ronnie 2¢ on Se eu fosse uma borboleta...
Again, so delicately beautiful.

Anne on Se eu fosse uma borboleta...

Dutchess on Hidden
Wonderful focus on the big blue eyes and a lovely dof!

valenttin on Poppy dance
Cocliquot, mon amour....

STEED on O vento empurra-te noutra direcção.
Fine and Poetic,Anà L' ....Very Nice !!!!!!!

Willem on O vento empurra-te noutra direcção.
Lovely image.

Steve Rice on O vento empurra-te noutra direcção.
A little jewel on the flower.

Remus on O vento empurra-te noutra direcção.
Nem sei o que dizer... Vejo dois olhos a olhar para mim, e assim fico intimidado. :-D Mais uma bela fotografia!

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