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The light of God
26 December 2012

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Tourists traveling
17 September 2011

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Factory IX
5 February 2011

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The Monserrate Palace
29 August 2010

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6 July 2010

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Padrão dos Descobrimentos
17 February 2010

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O elétrico de Natal
6 January 2009

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Ternura - Tenderness
14 September 2008

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Rio Mondego IV
26 November 2007

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Plaza Mayor
30 October 2007

Recent Comments

STEED on Table Dance
Sex Shops closed,it's time to find a good table and dance a little bit .....I'm not sure,but it seems I ...

Hiro on Table Dance
Looks enjoyable !

Gérard Flayol on Table Dance
Ce quartier devient de plus en plus décrépi !!!!

Jypyä Pop on Table Dance
Dancing on the Table is a rather wild move

Ralf Kesper on Table Dance
Looks probably pretty in the night. Well made docu-shot.

Marjolein on Table Dance
Yes, but only in the evening, it is now time for the shopping.

Marjolein on Table Dance
So in reality the feet are off the floor; -0

Ronnie 2¢ on Table Dance
Something for everyone there . . even had a fire above the supermarket, I'd say !

Steve Rice on Le Penseur de Rodin
An outstanding image from this memorable visit.

Steve Rice on Sex Shop
An excellent composition with the bicycle and sign both in yellow.

Nicou on Sex Shop
Sex shop à vélo et en pompier quelle couleur et iamge Belle soirée Nicou

Willem on Sex Shop
On the bike to the sex shop.

Existence Artistique on Sex Shop
le vélo est une intéressante passion pour l'amour de la nature

STEED on Sex Shop
Easy !!!!! The Owner of a yellow bike is inevitably in the shop with same colours ......Don't worry, it'll ...

Devi on Sex Shop
I wonder !

Libouton Martine on Sex Shop
J'aime beaucoup ton cadrage !

Dutchess on Sex Shop
Thrilling ... Nice colours in the lower part of this great image!

Dutchess on Le Penseur de Rodin
Superb composition in black!!! wonderful light on the back of the person!

Marjolein on Sex Shop
Ah, there is my bike, so I had left it for the sex shop!

Hiro on Sex Shop
What is the difference between the sex shop and the sexy store ? Which one do you recommend ?

Gérard on Sex Shop
Beau vélo.....

Ralf Kesper on Sex Shop
The competing neighbor does not sleep. :)

Ronnie 2¢ on Sex Shop
Looks like there is an emergency, too . . can happen.

kiwisa on Le Penseur de Rodin
Oh Rodin, one of my all time favourites. Great photo of the photographer studying the masterpiece.

Elaine Hancock on Le Penseur de Rodin
A fabulous image of the photographer and "The Thinker". Paris is also a place that I have always wanted to ...

B. Thomas on Le Penseur de Rodin
Wonderful photo of the photographer.

Manu on Le Penseur de Rodin
Desde que vi a primeira vez esta foto, achei que estava genial! Parabéns!

Lewis on Covão da Ametade
Beautiful b/w, looks like a figure’s standing there ...)

Lewis on Storm
Looks cold and rough !

Lewis on Eu gosto de bétulas
Great atmosphere here )

Lewis on My little house
So cute in a wonderful environment.

Lewis on Cat Attack
Beautiful tones and subject, great shot!

Lewis on Le Penseur de Rodin
If it wasn’t for the preview screen, this could have been shot years ago, great!

Willem on Le Penseur de Rodin
An old-fashioned photo with a modern touch

Existence Artistique on Le Penseur de Rodin
belle trouvaille

Libouton Martine on Le Penseur de Rodin
J'adore superbe ta photo ! 5*

Nicou on Le Penseur de Rodin
la photographe au chapeau avec l'image dans l'écran sueprbe iamge Amitié

STEED on Le Penseur de Rodin
I just say :"PERFECT" !!!!!!! ( Simplesmente Perfeito !!!!!! - thanks the translators-) ...... ...

jpla on Le Penseur de Rodin
Belle prise JP

Marjolein on Le Penseur de Rodin
An interesting photo in a photo. The b/w is reminded of Henri Cartier Bresson.

Anna Cherer on Le Penseur de Rodin
Great capture and framing ! A beautiful image !

Ralf Kesper on Le Penseur de Rodin
This is an excellent b/w-image!

Gérard on Le Penseur de Rodin
Des airs de Doisneau dans cette photo !!

marceline on Le Penseur de Rodin
Humm bel instant figé et en NB c'est Top !

Gemma Wiseman on Le Penseur de Rodin
Wonderful sense of image within image... creative dimension. An interesting one.

Marjolein on Le Penseur de Rodin
Nicely captured this photographer with the famous statue of Rodin

Devi on Le Penseur de Rodin
Great capture of a photographer trying to capture a thinker !!

Ronnie 2¢ on Le Penseur de Rodin
A study of a study . . a timeless feeling to this.

Steve Rice on Cat Attack
A beautiful image of the Siamese.

Nina on Cat Attack
fabulous capture of this adventurous cat

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