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The light of God
26 December 2012

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Tourists traveling
17 September 2011

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Factory IX
5 February 2011

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The Monserrate Palace
29 August 2010

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6 July 2010

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Mar - sea
11 June 2009

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O elétrico de Natal
6 January 2009

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Ternura - Tenderness
14 September 2008

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Rio Mondego IV
26 November 2007

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Plaza Mayor
30 October 2007

Recent Comments

Steve Rice on Coral fossil
Incredible! So many fossils in this area.

L'Angevine on Tectonic failure

Shaun on Coral fossil
A superb find. Excellent image and wonderful series.

beach on Coral fossil

Anita on Marks of annelids - icnofossil
I would feel excited to see this fossil!

Anita on Tectonic failure
Interesting combination of rocks.

Willem on Coral fossil
Excellent and interesting detail image.

Hiro on Coral fossil
Nice find !

rbassin on Coral fossil
Gros plan bien réalisé.

Lena on Tectonic failure
Beautiful blue sky..

Steve Rice on Tectonic failure
Quite a lot of slippage. An excellent capture of this long ago event.

L'Angevine on Igneous dikes

Chetan on Igneous dikes
The sky is bluest of blue :) Lovely capture.

Ruthiebear on Tectonic failure
SUperb rugged scene

Shaun on Tectonic failure
A very nice image of the cliff. Wonderful color and detail.

Devi on Tectonic failure
amazing image !

Marjolein on Tectonic failure
Nice structures and colors in the cliffs

Hiro on Tectonic failure
Excellent !!

Martine Libouton on Tectonic failure
Une belle composition !

Tomek on Tectonic failure
Amazing view.

Wayra on Tectonic failure
Interesting scene, and gorgeour sky colour. Nice job.

JMS* on Marks of annelids - icnofossil
Comme figé dans la roche.

JMS* on Mussel Fossil
Un très beau spécimen de moule !

JMS* on Igneous dikes
Image intéressante qui en dit long sur le passé géologique de notre terre.

Harry on Igneous dikes
interesting landscape with a dose of geology tutoring

Denny Jump Photo on Igneous dikes
Excelent image and very intriguing text - learning is good for me;-). Beautiful ;-)

Steve Rice on Igneous dikes
A beautiful and convincing image that fits your description perfectly.

L.Reis on Marks of annelids - icnofossil
Espetáculo!! (Ainda bem que é um fóssil! uff)

L.Reis on Igneous dikes
Mas como é que alguém quer que uma pessoa preste atenção aos igneous dikes, com um ...

Willem on Igneous dikes
Beautiful composition against the blue sky.

Ruthiebear on Igneous dikes
Love the deep blue sky in contrast with the rugged landscape.

Curly on Igneous dikes
This is exceptionally well contrasted. An excellent look at very old nature!

Devi on Igneous dikes
great image..and thank you for the information Ana :)

Hiro on Igneous dikes
Superb color of the sky !!!

Martine Libouton on Igneous dikes
Une très belle prise

L'Angevine on Mussel Fossil
bien la forme

Shaun on Igneous dikes
Wonderful color and detail in this image.

Lena on Mussel Fossil
Nice textures.

Harry on Mussel Fossil
very interesting shapes and textures

Willem on Mussel Fossil
Interesting result, well seen/spotted.

Steve Rice on Mussel Fossil
The secrets the rocks reveal. It's good some people still believe in science.

Devi on Mussel Fossil
a great find and shot!! Great series here !

Shaun on Mussel Fossil
Excellent find. A nice look at the mussel after millions of years.

L'Angevine on Marks of annelids - icnofossil
bien serpenté

Steve Rice on Marks of annelids - icnofossil
This is quite interesting. Such a story these fossils tell.

omid on Marks of annelids - icnofossil
A M A Z I N G !

L'Angevine on Turritella fossil
bien la forme d'un fossile

Remus on Marks of annelids - icnofossil
É uma "bicha" estranha. :-) Não percebo nada do assunto, mas até parece que ela tinha as ...

Devi on Marks of annelids - icnofossil
Great shot of his fossil !

Shaun on Marks of annelids - icnofossil
These images in this series are wonderful.

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