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The light of God
26 December 2012

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Tourists traveling
17 September 2011

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Factory IX
5 February 2011

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The Monserrate Palace
29 August 2010

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6 July 2010

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Padrão dos Descobrimentos
17 February 2010

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O elétrico de Natal
6 January 2009

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Ternura - Tenderness
14 September 2008

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Rio Mondego IV
26 November 2007

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Plaza Mayor
30 October 2007

Recent Comments

Ronnie 2¢ on Texture
Ah, the seasonal changes from afar . . what a remarkable collection of color !

By Marie on A point of light
Lovely colors

Willem on A point of light
Wonderful autumn view you have photographed.

Steve Rice on A point of light
Beautiful trees and a charming village in the mountains.

Nicou on A point of light
Dans la végétaiton toute dorée un rayon de lumière sur le village. Amitié

Don on A point of light
A spectacular captre of the light on this village. An amazing siight!

Existence Artistique on A point of light
intéressante recherche

Mhelene on A point of light
Belle composition .

Martine Libouton on A point of light
Une magnifique photo tres belle lumiere

Hiro on A point of light
wonderful autumn scene

Aly on A point of light
Fantastic this light. We love Portugal and this view Landscape !

omid on A point of light
such beautiful colors & lights! Lovely view!

Anna Cherer on A point of light
Beautiful landscape and lighting !

Evelyne Dubos on A point of light
Lovely compo and autumnal colors.

STEED on A point of light
Just an Instant .........and You caught it !!!!! Well done,Miss ...

Tomek on A point of light
Beautiful lost village. Excellent capture.

Ronnie 2¢ on A point of light
What a special moment to catch . . like a blessing !

Darkelf Photography on Heydi
Love the detail and colour hues of the landscape.

Ehsan Hemmati on Heydi
Really beautiful and eye catching.

L.Reis on Heydi
Uma paleta de cores incrível a estender-se desde os quentes tons da terra até ao gélido azul ...

L.Reis on Mountain
Mas que aconchegadinha que ela está sob o manto de nuvens bicolor!

Aly on Heydi
Wonderful view Lovely!

Willem on Heydi
Beautiful colors in this fine landscape photo.

Claudiel on Heydi
An agreable place

Steve Rice on Heydi
A gorgeous composition and colors. A very lovely scene.

STEED on G - Galaxy
Hey !!!!! The Eye's good .......I Love this picture,poetic,mystical ......Well done,Miss .....

STEED on Forest
Great Inspiration for You,of course ..........Beautiful colours ,for this quiet and peaceful picture .....

STEED on "Anduin river"
The temptation of playing with camera's functions .....And it's a perfect picture,back .......Superb !!!!!

STEED on "Osgiliath Wood"
A particuliar and original place ...Beautiful picture .....

STEED on "Osgiliath Wood"
Gothic Mood,it seems .......Between Epica's Music and "Lord of the Rings" .....

STEED on To the wind...

STEED on "Rivendell"
I told this yesterday,I think,but.....It's always a pleasure walk by Your side,Anà L' ....

STEED on Paira uma humidade colorida no ar
The Fall !!!!!!!! What a great season ........

STEED on São as ruas da minha infância.
We've all a place,a path,a tree,a river remindind suddenly the Youthness ......I Love !!!!!!

STEED on Dia Mundial da Alimentação
Funny and full of Joy .....

STEED on Espigueiros do Soajo
Superb tones on this place as outed from an American western ....

STEED on My friend
Mmmmmm .........A very good Friend,I'm sure .........Portrait of a superb animal ....

STEED on Desce até ao infinito
Nice effect on the Water,Anà L' ....And superb colours indeed ....

STEED on Heydi
You've a perfect picture's quality,here .......and everywhere .......A pleasure walk by Your side,Anà ...

Anne on Heydi
Magnifique paysage!

Dimitrios on Heydi
superb shot we are all very sad about the fires in your country....

mo.langel on Heydi
Les couleurs de l'automne sont magnifiques! Très belle composition!

Ronnie 2¢ on Heydi
A gloriously rich pallet of colors here . . an experience as much as an image.

omid on Heydi
such beautiful composition, layers, clouds, colors, lights & shadows! L O V E L Y !!!!

Existence Artistique on Heydi

Anna Cherer on Heydi
Beautiful autumn colors !

Nicou on Mountain
Quelle bande ce ciel mqui recouvre la montagne superbe. amitié

Nicou on Heydi
Ces fougères rouges ces sapins dans la pente quelle montange et vue et ce ciel superbe. Amitié

jpla on Mountain
Ton ciel est magnifique JP

Gérard on Heydi
Superbe tonalité générale toute en chaleur des ors de l'automne

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